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Social Action

Texas United Methodist Women Action Plan 2018

At the 30th annual UMW Legislative Event, the attendees from each annual conference caucused about

activities they could do at the individual, congregational, and conference UMW levels to advance their advocacy priorities.

After the caucuses, the Social Action Chairs from all the annual conferences developed a comprehensive action

plan incorporating the ideas of the caucuses. The Social Action Chairs committed to serve as the

primary implementers of the plan, working closely with Texas Impact as well as the Women’s Division.

Throughout the process, participants emphasized accountability, looking for measurable,

tangible activities with identifiable results. The action plan is intended to serve as a framework

and starting point, not a boundary or ceiling.

Texas Tribune link to the runoffs, the Texas Impact Endorsement Guide, our voting page, and Voting "Commercial". 




Issue Education

Legislative Engagement

Individual Action

Conference social action chairs will send a GOTV letter to every UMW in their conference

Participate in Texas Impact’s “Weekly Witness” webinars

Participate in Texas Impact’s Rapid Response network

Congregation-Level Action

Social action chairs will ask Bishops to issue guidance to local congregations encouraging non-partisan GOTV activities

Hold issue education events

Distribute Texas Impact’s e-news

Conference-Level Action

Post information about elections on conference UMW websites

Feature presentations by Texas Impact at annual meetings

Communicate with UMW’s representative to Texas Impact board



Hello Fabulous Sisters-in-Grace of CTCUMW!


Social Justice/Action is an integral part of our DNA in United Methodist Women.

As your Social Action Mission Coordinator, I want to support your units and circles in learning and turning Faith, Hope and Love into ACTION!


In the CTC we hold several events each year that give you a chance to be involved in learning and sharing and living your faith through hearing the stories of other women and children, through finding out about our state and national legislative processes and pending laws that have an effect on the lives of women and children, and learning about how to advocate for a more just world for all women, children and youth.


Every January, all 5 conferences of UMW in Texas partner with Texas Impact (texasimpact.org) to offer 3 days of learning and advocacy in our Texas Legislative Event. This event is held annually in Austin - 2018 was our 30th year! Thirty years of women being empowered and informed to make a difference in our state in all the Priority Issues of UMW.


In February, we hold our annual Racial Justice Charter event called “Sing a Rainbow” at alternating host churches in each district. Using the UMW Racial Justice resources, the topics vary each year with speakers and organizations who are experts presenting information.

In 2016, Alvarado UMC in the Central district hosted an event about mass incarceration.

In 2017, Acton UMC in the North district hosted an event about maternal/child health.

In 2018, Stephenville UMC in the West district hosted our day long focus on immigrant and refugee women and children.

All of these days were amazing opportunities for fellowship and learning. Look for 2019 to be in an East or South district church near you!


And of course, other gatherings throughout the year provide opportunities for learning and action in the four priority issues of United Methodist Women:


Economic Inequality

Mass incarceration

MaternalChild Health

Climate Justice

All of these areas are learning, growing, spiritual and action opportunities for us to fulfill our purpose as stated so well:


United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.


The entire program and organization of United Methodist Women focuses on mission. Our mission initiatives include:

Providing opportunities to grow spiritually

Equipping women & girls to be leaders

Providing transformative educational experiences

Organizing for growth & flexibility

Working for justice through service & advocacy

These conference events are just one basis for our Sisterhood of Grace. There is always room for changes and improvements in our traditions of living out our faith in Action! I would love to get to know more of you, hear your ideas and share information with you in a Circle or Unit meeting. Please call or email me with questions or requests anytime.

If you are looking for a fellowship, we have cyber-circles and New Church Starts that can fit you where ever you are and what ever schedule you have. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow and learn and serve...it will make your life better - I promise.

I feel blessed to have found this fellowship of amazing grace in this Sisterhood of UMW! Join us in the work of Social Justice and Action.


Rebecca Lucas

CTC Social Action Mission Coordinator






For more information about United Methodist Women in Texas or this legislative agenda, contact any of the following UMW Social Action Coordinators:

Ann Muir                     972-742-3167       jmuir183@att.net                           North Texas Conference

Shirley Shroyer          432-213-1479       sshroyer@crcom.net                  Northwest Texas Conference

Elizabeth Jimenez    956-242-2185       lizjimenez0528@hotmail.com      Rio Texas Conference

Krystal Scott-West    409-365-7078       krystal_west@sbcglobal.net        Texas Conference

Ellen Lipsey                432-284-0584       elipsey@telstar1.com                    New Mexico Conference

Rebecca Lucas          817-578-4156       lucasfam09@gmail.com              Central Texas Conference