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A Letter from Lynne
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February 23, 2012, 3:07 PM

Walk the balance beam

Thanks to all who helped plan, carry out, and attend our Charter Racial Justice Event on February 18 at Woodway UMC in Waco.  It was a special day!  We had approximately 200 in attendance.  We certainly filled the room!! I was very happy to see so many United Methodist Women there from around the conference.  This is the first time we have had this event outside the Metroplex in a long, long time.  We were afraid we might not have a crowd.  I’m so thrilled to say that didn’t happen.

We were challenged by what we heard. We took risks in just talking about the subjects of maternal health, immigration, and domestic violence.  I’m glad we are willing to take on these hard problems. One of our speakers Julie Warren talked about living our lives pleasing to God - a life lived full of purpose.  She said that life is like a walk on a balance beam.  It is exciting, but it’s also scary up there and we are so worried about falling that we are in danger of missing the walk completely.  In our fear, we don’t want to end up flat down on the beam holding on tightly with both arms and legs - being safe. 

Through the experiences of events like Sing a Rainbow we can grow, get stronger, and learn to keep our balance.  I think good balance is mostly about strength.  In Yoga, as I get stronger I get better at holding a balance pose. The stronger I get the less I shake and fall over. But I think we need to remember that shaking and falling are part of the process.  Let’s continue to risk the walk with our arms open wide ready to live life to the fullest in Christ’s love!

Today is Ash Wednesday, it is a perfect day to start to “get stronger” in our faith.  Please join me in “taking on” a strength building program of Bible reading and prayer for Lent. My church is reading 6 chapters a day which will allow us to read the whole New Testament by Easter. Please join me. We will get stronger as we walk “the balance beam” of life each day, open to the risk of falling, knowing that we are growing and that we are not alone on the journey.

In Christ’s love,


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